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Unlease Your Leadership DNA - Reg Athwal

SIGMA PLUS, a Organisation started with the sole intention of providing an opportunity to people of getting quality training from thorough Professionals, people who are role models in their respective professions and can pass on their experiences to others. SIGMA PLUS endeavours to equip you with that spirit which drives you to go for it. If you are a person with an yearning for bigger achievements in Iife, this is certainly going to be one of the most exciting training opportunities that SIGMA PLUS have in store for you.

Listening Between the Lines...Effective Communication Techniques

Reg Athwal - Sigma Plus Training Goa

Asking the right questions of our internal and external clients is a key to effective communication. Jeff Tobe, co-author of the book THE COMMUNICATION COACH, suggests that just asking questions is not enough. A common thread among successful professionals is their ability to LISTEN. Effective listening is one of the most powerful communication techniques and yet, it's probably the best kept secret of top professionals in the country.

Jeff claims, "We have to immediately establish our role as the seeker of information and the buyer as a giver, in this new environment of relationship selling." Research shows that most of us often think ahead of the client to figure out what we will say next, rather than thinking along with them.

Conscientious listening is a learned behavior. We have never had formal 'listening training' in our school systems and rarely in our work environments. Yet, we know the value of effective and responsive listening when it comes to sales, customer service, conflict resolution and management. Effective listeners are able to concentrate and find the most vital information in whatever they hear. Good listening habits save time and money.

LISTENING BETWEEN THE LINES will give attendees nine techniques for more effective listening and communicating. What this means is that, with practice, participants gain that 'competitive edge' that will set them apart from everyone else. read more

Unleash Your Leadership DNA Programme by Reg Athwal

Reg Athwal - Sigma Plus Training Goa

Your present business status - may be a ‘start up’, or ‘growing’, or ever ‘thriving’, or possibly ‘saturated’, - There is an unique opportunity for you to reinforce your business with on innovative methodology.

As fresh talents get infused in any organizations and new business challenges emerge, it is necessary to align mindset towards business objectives. Towards this end great leaders have always caused such realignments successfully.

Have you ever wondered how outstanding leaders think and perform that make them different and stand out? What’s in their DNA? How do they build teams and businesses faster than their competition?

Most Leaders attract and hire and build world-class teams in their critical operational areas. Yet, research indicates that the traditional methods and processes used by entrepreneurs and executives are flawed and unreliable in predicting success.

Reg Athwal will share excellent practices and breakthroughs ideas that help you to optimize your resources by implementing his common sense and success ideas. read more

Passion To Excel

Event Passion To Excel

All those who have scaled Mount Everest did so in their Spirit in Conquest of the Unknown.There was one thing that was common to all those who DARED, it was Skills acquired through :PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. The achievers are possessed by a special spirit.It’s the force that drives them and pushes past the throes of fear just when they are about to realise them.It’s the force that wispers “Go Get It……” When the rest of the world screams “STOP”! It’s the spirit that never says die.

Be a student or professional, entreoreneur or corporate executive, home maker or Career woman, Excellence is the Mantra, whatever may be your walk of life. When excellence dawns, mediocrity dusks. When confidence surfaces, diffidence drowns. When Knowledge comes, ignorance goes.

Everyone wants to be noticed.But how does one get noticed?How does one become a player instead of being just a Spectator?The only way to compete with this world of unpredictable ups and downs is to challenge oneself and the ever changing environment.

Yes,one should better his or her previous Best.How does one go about doing that?

The two day workshop outlines the how of being the best in whatever you do.The journey to outsmart the best and top the list of leaders should start from within you and should excite you to go on and on.The workshop will mould one into a person with the cutting edge in Leader-Manager ship , Personal and team effectiveness and Communication Skills.

To enable the participants to evaluate themselves and to work out an action plan that will set them on their paths to outsmart the best.The programme envisages eliciting steps to excel in their chosen areas of activities and to excel in communicating to others.

Some of the modules conducted are

  1. Personal Growth Through Emotional Intelligence
    Emotional intelligence is the innate potential to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, describe, identify, learn from, manage, understand and explain emotions. The effective use of this skill will help you grow as a human being.

  2. Being Assertive
    Learn the need of being assertive. Why people are not assertive? What makes them passive or arrogant? Types of Assertiveness.
  3. Being confident through the right business etiquette
    Topic covers: making an impact through proper grooming, exhibiting the right etiquette and courtesy and being accepted by a business prospects.
  4. Managing Change And Making Change Happen
    What is change? Why is it necessary? How to except change? …..are some topics of discussion.
  5. Passion for Excellence
    Most successful people have incredible levels of self-confidence. They've accomplished great levels of success and happiness in their lives and seem to be unstoppable in everything that they do. The fact is, that when you develop unshakable self-confidence your whole world will change for the better. The road to Excellence must be paved with Passion!
  6. Enhancing work place potential through Fish philosophy
    4 simple principles to turn your work place around and make it an extension of your home. Exhibit through your action that you love your job and you are positive to everything around you.

The New Age Manager

Event The New Age Manager

There is need for good managers and if we have good managers then the problem of attrition will be solved to some extent and also it will help to make a best team that will be ready for any kind of challenge. It is very much a trainable skill, so it's the right time for all of us to learnthis. Experience is notwhat you have. It is what you do with what you have. Our purpose in life is not to get ahead of others, but how to get ahead of our selves. The workshop aims at giving an insight into what are the changing - roles of-aManager in-lhis-newageof ever accelerating competition. The Managerial Skills that will be discussed are

Communication is a simple yet a powerful word. A word that is understood by all and still remains a mystery in its effectiveness. Communication can be the making or breaking of all relationships. The art of getting your message across effectively is a vital part of being successful in today's market. Whether you want to have simple conversations, give directions, make presentations with confidence or negotiate with ease, learning the skills to communicate clearly will help you to improve your success rate in relating to others. Learning to relate to your customers, associates peers, seniors, higher ups, family or even a stranger in an elevator, through body language, oral and visual cues is critical in becoming a masterful communlcator,.

"The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished." - George Bernard Shaw.

Monitor, disseminator, spokesperson, entrepreneur, disturbance allocator, negotiator, are also some of the roles a manager plays. The manager's effectiveness depends on the clear insight of his different role and how helshe handles them depending on the situation. The manager is thus challenged to find systematic ways to organize himself/herself. First, the manager has to look into his own personal horizons of capacity to solve a problem or handle new decisions. In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practise, there is.

The turnout rates are high in all industries. People become burnouts very fast. Why? AGAIN MONDAY SYNDROME is very strong with most of the managers. Balancing work and life is very crucial to enjoy life. Getting along with colleagues and enjoying the workplace is of paramount importance. How .to make the_vocation ~U L vacation is the problem to be answered by each and every manager. Make your career a reward itself, not a mere means to rewards.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world". Gandhiji.

Our Imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in future And so think differently and think creatively. Always choose to do what you will like to remember ten years from now. Creative thinking is the key for Success in LIFE

"Imagination is more important than knowledge". Albert Einstein.


Generate new ideas and challenge traditions. Open your third eye and apply for your sixth sense to be surviving.

Make It Big

Event Make it big

Life is not a 100 metre race. It is a journey to be savoured at every step. To be successful at our work or at our profession, we need to equip ourselves with many skills. The program will orient the participants in acquiring 3 important skills, ie, Managing People, Managing Change and Managing Self.

We cannot play today's games with yesterday's trick. Instead of changing with the change, get ready to change before the change. There is no meaning in making friendship with dinosaurs.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Success without values is transient. Values are the anchors in turbulence. Uphold them with guts. What lies before us and what lies behind us are silly matters, compared to what lies within us.

Business, family and society look for proactive leadership. To live life like a champion, one has to grow and glow as a leader with c o n v i c t i o n . I n d i v i d u a l competitiveness is equal to what you know multiplied by who you know. No one is as smart as all of us. Understanding the character types of team members and handling them accordingly is the name of the game. Apply different strokes for different folks.