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Coloring Outside the Lines - by Jeff Tobe


Listening Between the Lines...Effective Communication Techniques

Coloring Outside the lines - By Jeff Tobe

Asking the right questions of our internal and external clients is a key to effective communication. Jeff Tobe, co-author of the book THE COMMUNICATION COACH, suggests that just asking questions is not enough. A common thread among successful professionals is their ability to LISTEN. Effective listening is one of the most powerful communication techniques and yet, it's probably the best kept secret of top professionals in the country.

Jeff claims, "We have to immediately establish our role as the seeker of information and the buyer as a giver, in this new environment of relationship selling." Research shows that most of us often think ahead of the client to figure out what we will say next, rather than thinking along with them.

Conscientious listening is a learned behavior. We have never had formal 'listening training' in our school systems and rarely in our work environments. Yet, we know the value of effective and responsive listening when it comes to sales, customer service, conflict resolution and management. Effective listeners are able to concentrate and find the most vital information in whatever they hear. Good listening habits save time and money.

LISTENING BETWEEN THE LINES will give attendees nine techniques for more effective listening and communicating. What this means is that, with practice, participants gain that 'competitive edge' that will set them apart from everyone else.

Outside-the-Lines Marketing

This high-energy, fast paced, humorous marketing workshop has received outstanding reviews from organizations around the globe. Jeff challenges attendees to step outside of their comfort zone and position their company, services and themselves to give them maximum exposure and the competitive edge for which we all strive in this crazy marketplace. Jeff shares how to create a marketing "blueprint" that applies to any size organization. He then takes participants through a 5-step process of re-evaluating their marketing and advertising techniques. Finally, Jeff shares many of his 101 secrets to gaining marketing prowess and increasing their bottom line.

Outside-the-Lines Teambuilding

A recent study of 160 top global companies revealed that within a decade, the greatest influence would not come from individuals, but from teams. Effective teams increase workplace morale and productivity. Teams that are innovative make fewer mistakes, save money and are more efficient. The number one challenge that teams face is that of blending together due to varying degrees of knowledge and skills held by the individual members.

Jeff's creative teambuilding fosters group collaboration. His fun and participatory session teaches that all contributions are important to the whole team. Jeff explores the creation of interdependence and how the most powerful teams foster self-motivation among their members. In the end, participants will learn that the best teams do not have one great leader, but are instead, a team of leaders.


Wednesday, 8th December 2010, at THE CROWN, Panaji, Goa.
From 5:00pm to 7:30pm followed by dinner.

Introductory Registration Fee : Rs. 4,000/- only

Thursday, 9th December 2010, at Nalanda Hall, EDC Bldg.,
Atmaram Borkar Road, Goa.
From 9:30am to 5:00pm

Introductory Registration Fee : Rs. 3,000/- only

About Jeff Tobe

Coloring Outside the lines - By Jeff Tobe

Jeff Tobe's credentials are impressive. Insider magazine recently dubbed him, "The Guru of Creatively Thriving from Change."Tobe has earned this title through his trademark presentations, "Coloring Outside the Lines."

Using humor, wit and a contagious energy, Jeff presents more than 100 programs each year and consults with organizations that urgently need to stay ahead of their marketplace. His client list reads like a Who's Who in Corporate America and Canada and includes IBM International, Nestle USA, ReMax International, Ethicon Pharmaceuticals and many others. Jeff's background as an award winning sales and marketing entrepreneur, has made him the leading authority in creativity in business. Having owned his advertising business for over 10 years, Jeffgained his perspective on creativity from both the agency and vendor side. Combine that with his insight into a changing business world and you have a winner!

Jeff Tobe is one of only 400 speakers worldwide to have earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional, the highest accreditation of the National Speakers Association. Tobe was also named one of the top 15 Speakers in North America for 2001 by readers of Conventions & Meetings Magazine.

Jeff believes in the power of creativity to manage the change that is inevitable with innovation, and to look at what one does from an entirely new perspective. He helps participants not only to cope with transition, but to creatively embrace and thrive from it. He teaches organizations that to grow, and increase their bottom line, they must first implement strategies that have a fresh approach.

Jeff Tobe is the author of the best selling book, Coloring Outside the LinesYBusiness Thoughts on Creativity, Marketing & Sales. He is also the co author of the books The Sales Coach and The Communication Coach. In addition to his books, Jeff's new audio series includes The Waiter Brought a TrayYFood for Thought, the full course in advanced sales and personal development, and Coloring Outside the Lines, Managing & Thriving from Change, & Creative Thinking & Problem Solving.

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